Students enjoy dodgeball event

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed, reports ...

On May 4th 2018, some St Clement Danes students hosted a mini dodgeball match for the Croxley Danes Year 7s. There were 2 matches going on at the same time. One was the competition and the other one was just a 'friendly' game of dodgeball.

In the competition, the rule of elimination was involved. If you got hit, you were out. The rules were the same as any other game of dodgeball. After some time, though, the rules changed completely.

Two students, Jack Watson and myself were chosen to be in the middle and to throw balls to try and get the other players out. The aim was that they had to get to the other side without getting hit. If they got hit by either Jack, myself or the leader, they had to help out or sit on the bench.

There was an overall winner, and 4 runners-up, who all got a sweet prize for doing well.

The students had a great time. Thank you very much to the SCD students who organised the competition; we wish to see lots more doing events like these!!!