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At Croxley Danes, we believe that positive emotional wellbeing and mental health are crucial to enable students to feel happy both in themselves and at school. When students enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing, they are better able to realise their own potential, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully and make a contribution to their wider community.

To this end, we have an active programme in place through Personal Development that focuses on aspects such as resilience, keeping safe online, developing a ‘protective layer’, bullying and mental wellbeing to name but a few. 

However, whilst we encourage all students to feel comfortable in approaching their parent,  form tutor, Head of Year or any member of staff, we understand that sometimes this may be something they feel unable to do. In such cases, there are a number of support websites and phone numbers published in each student planner which may prove helpful. In addition to this, we have attached below a Hertfordshire approved ‘Signposting Guide’ which has further advice and support available for a whole range of topics such as:

  • Addiction
  • Bereavement
  • Education and Employment
  • Family Support
  • Sex, Sexuality and Gender
  • Mental Health- Counselling, Eating, Self Harm, Suicidal Thoughts
  • Money


At Croxley Danes School, we recognise the importance of a positive relationship between parents and the school in supporting the holistic development and success of our students. Young people face great challenges in navigating the world around them and are exposed to a variety of experiences and/or emotions that can prove overwhelming. Therefore, we aim to provide parents with supportive resources that focus on topics and issues that are relevant to young people today.

Below is information for parents and carers that may be useful on how to support your child with tools, information and webinars. This page will be updated regularly with information and relevant support for latest issues that may be concerning your child.


The popularity and use of e-cigarettes and vapes has increased in recent years, and schools are seeing a rise in usage amongst teenagers. The UK charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) found that 11.2% of 11 – 17 years olds in the UK tried vaping in 2021.

Although it is seen to be a healthier alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes and vapes contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. In October 2015, it became illegal to sell e-cigarettes and vapes to under 18 year olds, and for an adult to purchase them on behalf of an under 18 year old.

The long-term health risks are unknown, and it is felt that vaping can encourage young people to try smoking and other drugs. Click here for more information.

Students caught vaping or with vaping equipment risk being sanctioned as outlined in our Behaviour Policy and Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Pride Month – June: Mental Health and Sexuality

Pride month takes place annually in June to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities around the world; raise awareness of issues affecting them; and to promote equality. It reminds people of how damaging homophobia was and still can be.

The experiences that young people have because of their sexuality can have an impact on their mental health. These include, the impact of feeling different, experiencing prejudice, or feeling misunderstood by others. Young Minds have prepared resources to support young people, click here for more information.

Attendance: Emotionally Based School Avoidance

School attendance is paramount for your child’s development and progress in a variety of ways, including academic success, socialisation, developing resilience, and employability to name a few. For some young people, school attendance can be affected by high levels of anxiety.

At the bottom of this page in the page download section where you can download a resource that Hertfordshire County Council have preparedt that can help to support parents of children who are anxious about attending school.

Free Summer Workshops for Hertfordshire Families from Step2Skills

If you're looking for free family activities for the summer holidays, Step2Skills is offering a range of family learning workshops, which are all free!

  • Story Sacks: 2-day workshop – Stevenage - 25th and 26th July - Explore traditional tales and familiar stories through interactive games and activities, developing literacy and creative skills.
  • Nailing Numbers: 2-day workshop - Stevenage - 25th and 26th July - Through fun and interactive maths activities, this workshop encourages children and adults to think about what we know about money and developing good habits to make our money go further.
  • Hertfordshire Hedgehogs: 2-day workshop – Stevenage – 28th and 29th July - Taught by an expert in her field, this workshop is perfect for animal lovers out there and will teach you all about the wonders of hedgehogs and how you can help them, through fun activities and crafts.

To book your place on any of these free workshops, visit the Step2Skills website.

Parental Support Groups

An organisation called Supporting Links are offering parental support group sessions in the Autumn term, starting in September and November 2022. More information can be found in the download section at the end of this page. 

Young Minds is a charity fighting for young people's mental health. You can access the parents helpline and webchat below

Young Minds Parent Helpline and webchat


How to talk to your teenager about the invasion of Ukraine

There are two online courses ‘Supporting Families with Protective Behaviours’ starting after half term. The courses are funded by HCC Targeted Parenting Fund and there are some eligibility criteria. Course dates, details and how to refer are below.

The courses can help parent have strategies and new ideas to help improve family life by:

  • Understanding the links between Feelings, Thoughts and Behaviour
  • Understand what may be influencing their child’s behaviour
  • Respond to a range of feelings e.g. stress, anger, anxiety and worries
  • Improve communication to build their relationships
  • Build on their own and their child’s strengths
  • Learn strategies to help them and their children feel safe and have problem-solving skills for life

There is no cost for parents to attend. The dates and times are:

To make a referral please click here for our parent registration form…

For all enquiries and referrals,  please email

Complete guide send april north watford am april 2022 l1 d1

Complete Guide SEND April 2022 PM L1 E1


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