Musical Aptitude Test

Croxley Danes School's Musical Aptitude Tests

For Admission to Year 7

Our Musical Aptitude Tests do not require a child to have any knowledge of music theory, have received formal music training or have accomplished a certain grade level. Please do not send in any supporting material/certificates of aptitude/ability as we are unable to take these into consideration.

The new School Admissions Code, which came into force in 2021, requires all schools that use aptitude tests as part of their admission arrangements to inform parents of the outcome of these tests before the secondary transfer application deadline, 31st October 2024 (for applicants to the 2025 academic year).


Applicants who wish to apply to sit the musical aptitude test need to have registered for the test between 8th April 2024 and 21st June 2024 in order to sit the test and be considered under Criterion 4 for entry at Secondary Transfer 2025. The tests will take place in the autumn term of Year 6. Registration can be made online at

Musical Aptitude Test Round One

Round One is an aural test of approximately 30 minutes’ duration and does not require any previous knowledge of music or music theory. There will be 60 questions in a total of four sections: Pitch, melody, texture and rhythm. There will be one test session in September 2024. Applicants will be notified in advance of the test venue. Those unable to attend on this date due to compelling religious or medical reasons will be offered one alternative date.

Musical Aptitude Test Round Two

The highest scoring candidates will be invited back for Round Two to perform a single piece on their chosen instrument or vocally. Their aptitude for music will be assessed from this performance and as there is a free choice of instrument and piece this will enable candidates of all abilities and all cultures to succeed.


For applicants to be considered under this criterion they must have ticked ‘Musical Aptitude Test’ on the Croxley Danes School Supplementary Information Form (attached below). It will not be possible to provide a musical aptitude test for late secondary transfer applicants or for in-year applicants. The test for musical aptitude will be administered with other local schools. Applicants to more than one of these schools under the criterion requiring a proven measure of musical aptitude will be assessed by these jointly administered tests.

Other information relating to both parts of the test

To apply for special consideration for the musical aptitude test, applicants must provide written evidence of a disability or illness which will require their child to receive additional support. This evidence must be sent immediately after registering for the test. Please scan and send a copy of the written evidence from your Primary School Head or SENCO, quoting your child’s full name, date of birth and South West Herts Reference number by email to by 21st June 2024 at the latest. It is very important that the paperwork is received by 21st June 2024 at the latest otherwise it may not be possible to provide the appropriate support. Applicants will be informed in advance of the test date of any appropriate special arrangements which will be made for their child


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