Higher Education & Careers

Croxley Danes Sixth Form will provide expert guidance for students aspiring to a broad range of post-18 options. We will facilitate student exploration of university, apprenticeship and employment possibilities so that students appreciate the full range of choices available to them.

This process will be informed by a Careers Day toward the end of Year 12, which will support:

  • Students’ understanding of local and national labour market information
  • The day will include mock interviews and aptitude tests for both education and employment as well as the creation of a LinkedIn profile
  • The composition of a high-quality CV

Sixth Form students will also undertake work experience. This is essential for students applying to university courses in competitive fields such as medicine, law, physiotherapy, veterinary science and teaching but also particularly important for those students considering employment directly after Year 13. In the Summer term of Year 12, all students will spend a minimum of two days in a work shadowing placement chosen for its relevance to their career aspirations.

Applications to Higher Education
Applications via the UCAS system will be supported by the Sixth Form Leadership Team and Careers Lead. Students will receive advice from University/College admissions staff on interview technique, finance and personal statements. In the latter stages of Year 12 and the Autumn term of Year 13, personal development lessons will be dedicated to preparing high quality personal statements and advising students on the courses and universities that are best suited to their strengths, interests and aspirations.

We are developing a network of professionals and volunteers who will regularly visit the school to provide careers experiences for our students. Students wishing to apply for Oxford or Cambridge and Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry are identified at an early stage in Year 12 and provided with specific resources and mentoring to guide them through the research, preparation and application process. They will also be encouraged to attend subjectspecific summer schools at universities.

Applications to Apprenticeships and Employment
Students wishing to take up an apprenticeship (including prestigious degree apprenticeships) or employment after Year 13 will be supported with sessions provided by the Careers staff in the Sixth Form team. This will include:

  • Guidance on networking and developing the use of social media
  • Personalised support for job applications as well as interview preparation
  • Students will also be afforded the opportunity to have individual meetings with an independent Careers Advisor
  • Some students may also choose to take part in the Morrisby test, a psychometric assessment, which includes a personalised feedback meeting based on their results

Future role models
All of this work ties in to the Croxley Danes Sixth Form Award. Our goal is to help students to discover the future path that is best suited to their skills, aptitude and interests and how to stand out from the crowd so that they can successfully move forward. We expect our students to leave the Sixth Form ready to grasp the opportunities that lie ahead, well prepared to live independently, and, in time, eager to return as role models to assist future cohorts of students eager to emulate their success.