Student Support

Effective pastoral care is integral to the personal development of Sixth Formers. Students will be well supported to achieve academically but also to develop and grow as young adults. As the Sixth Form population increases, the Sixth Form Leadership Team will expand to include the Director of Sixth Form (an Assistant Headteacher), a Deputy Director of Sixth Form, a Careers Co-ordinator and a dedicated Sixth Form administrator/UCAS Co-ordinator. They will be supported by form tutors with whom students will register every day. Students will be encouraged to seek guidance from their specialist teachers, their form tutor and the Sixth Form Leadership Team on both curriculum and pastoral matters. We will create a dynamic collaboration between the Sixth Form Leadership Team and Sixth Form student leaders.

Students will be represented by a Sixth Form Committee, led by senior prefects, with members elected from each tutor group. Regular meetings between the senior prefects and the Sixth Form Leadership Team will create the forum to discuss
students’ proposals.

In the Sixth Form, students will successfully utilise timetabled study periods to extend their learning beyond the classroom. They will be able to find an area to work that best suits their learning style. The Sixth Form facilities will include:

  • A Silent Study Zone
  • A Quiet Zone
  • The dining hall-for students preferring a less formal environment
  • Access to school PCs or WiFi should students prefer to bring their own device
  • Access to careers and learning advice

Sixth Formers are supported to achieve their best through rigorous monitoring processes and students can expect to be challenged on underperformance if the standard of their work is not meeting or exceeding their target grades. These target grades, set in each subject, are calculated from each students’ GCSE average points score and will provide a personalised benchmark to assess their progress as they move through the Sixth Form. Such an approach will also ensure the provision of accurate guidance with regard to university entrance and potential career choices.