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Croxley Danes School is a new, all-ability, co-educational state secondary school serving South West Hertfordshire from September 2017. It will eventually provide a high quality education to over 1200 students aged 11-18, opening for its first year with 120 Year 7 students at St Clement Danes School before moving to a designated permanent site on land at the bottom of Baldwins Lane. More information about this site can be found here. Croxley Danes School is addressing a substantial shortfall in secondary places for 2017 and beyond and is fast becoming the first-choice school for the surrounding area. To find out more about applying for a place in 2018, please click here.

St Clement Danes School will act as a blueprint for the new school

St Clement Danes School was approached by Hertfordshire County Council to set up a new secondary school for the local area. This outstanding, oversubscribed school in Chorleywood is acting as a blueprint for the new school and its Headteacher, Dr Josephine Valentine, a National Leader in Education, is the Executive Headteacher having oversight of both schools. She is supported by Mr Stephen Thompson, formerly Deputy Headteacher at St Clement Danes, who has been appointed to be the Headteacher for Croxley Danes. The school is part of the Danes Educational Trust, a family of schools which includes St Clement Danes and Croxley Danes Schools.  Although Croxley Danes shares much of the ethos and outstanding practice that makes St Clement Danes so successful, it will develop its own distinctive character, traditions and practices as it evolves.

Croxley Danes School provides a safe, happy environment where excellence and aspiration are encouraged and where an ethos of mutual trust allows girls and boys to celebrate one another’s achievements. It is a school where students flourish and develop a love of learning and a ‘can-do’ attitude to life. Highly skilled, qualified teachers ensure that the focus is on excellence in teaching and enjoyment in learning and that every child is known as an individual. Working closely with the Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance, it embraces regional, national and international best practice to ensure that teaching is at the cutting edge and student progress is outstanding.

In collaboration with St Clement Danes, there is a comprehensive enrichment and extension programme to provide opportunities for students in areas such as music and sport; from 2018, a small number of places will be allocated on the basis of musical aptitude each year so that talented children can benefit from the rich musical programme on offer.

When it moves to its permanent site in Croxley Green, with its extended day and state of the art facilities for hire, Croxley Danes School will quickly become the hub of the local community.

You can get a feel for St Clement Danes School, the blueprint for Croxley, by following the link below.

St Clement Danes School