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Frequently Asked Questions

At the bottom of this page, you will find the Frequently Asked Questions document which was handed out at our Open Evening in September 2017. This supercedes all previous lists of FAQs. 

If you have a question to which you cannot find the answer, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Where is the actual site of the school - can you provide a map?

A: It is at the bottom of Baldwins Lane, opposite the parade of shops and next to the railway line. The postcode for the site is WD3 3RT.

Cds map

Q: How large is the site?

A: It is 12.3 hectares and is 43% larger than the site occupied by St Clement Danes School.

Q: When will you offer A levels and what will you be able to offer?

A: The first cohort of students will be the first year group to join the Sixth Form in September 2022. The school has completed curriculum and staffing plans for the first 7 years of the school and has been required by the DfE to prove the affordability of these plans. Those plans include the delivery of 24 A level subjects for the first cohort of students to study in 2022.

Q: Where will the coach pick up point be for students in Year 7?

Mullanys is the company we are engaging to provide transport from Croxley Green to St Clement Danes during 2017-18 and beyond. We have now provided all parents with information about coach pick up points. This service will be free to parents.

Q: What information do you have about transport to the school in 2018-19?

During 2018-19, Mullanys will provide transport for all children from the permanent site to St Clement Danes School to enable them to visit the sister school for one day a week. This will enable them to access specialist facilities such as science laboratories whilst the permanent buildings are being constructed. This service will also be free to parents. We do not currently have information about private bus companies who might provide daily services to Croxley Danes School in 2018-19 but will share this with prospective parents when we know more.

Q: Will you be publishing the Project Plan?

A: The Project Plan is under the ownership of the Education Funding Agency and is therefore not ours to publish. We have shared key milestones with parents in our Project Updates and news items.

Q: Will the extra-curricular sports practices be combined with St Clement Danes students?

A: Most likely, yes, unless large numbers require separate practices. However, Croxley Danes will have separate representative sports teams to St Clement Danes.

Q: How will the students access extra-curricular activities during 2018-19 when they are based in the temporary accommodation on site?

Firstly, it is worth stating that the school is committed to providing as full an extra-curricular programme as possible during 2018-19. At present, we are intending to offer some activities at lunchtime at the temporary site and perhaps some after school, too. There will be some hard courts we can use during this year on site which should allow some sports to take place in Croxley Green. On the day per week that the students go to St Clement Danes, it will be possible for them to join in with St Clement Danes lunchtime and after school activities, as children do at present. We are also in the process of acquiring a mini-bus, which may be used to transport students to Chorleywood after school to take part in particular practices or rehearsals. All of these plans will, of course, be firmed up during the course of this year in preparation for the start of term in September.

Q: How will the Special Needs provision alter as the school grows?

A: The school has appointed two Learning Support Assistants for September 2017 to work with a Special Needs Co-ordinator who will oversee the Special Needs provision across both schools. Similar to the 7 year plans for teaching staff, there is a plan to increase the number of LSAs as the school grows.

Q: How will you respond to individual students with particular needs?

A: Until the specific needs of an individual student are known, as well as any associated funding that may be attached to that student, it is not possible to hypothesise the specific nature of the provision. 

Q: How will you facilitate the students participating in extra curricular activities at St Clement Danes in the second year of the school when the temporary accommodation moves to Croxley Green?

A: Once there are two year groups in the school, it may be possible to run some discrete extra-curricular activities in Croxley Green. However, the school recognises that some individual students will need to participate in extra-curricular activities that will be taking place with St Clement Danes students on the Chorleywood site. Additionally, some Croxley Danes extra-curricular activities may need to take place using the specialist provision at St Clement Danes. The ethos of the school would be to support these activities; however, the school has not yet considered any detailed arrangements. Following a few enquiries about this, the school recognises that it would be helpful to develop these plans.

Q: Please can you clarify what a 'member of staff in an area with a demonstrable skill shortage means' on the application form?

A: Currently, the school has not employed anyone, so those who apply at the moment cannot use this criteria. For later appointments, an area ‘with a demonstrable skills shortage’ could be proved by the fact (in the case of teachers) that the government provides bursaries for a particular subject area because of nationally recognised shortages, or by the fact that the school has had to re-advertise a particular post because they have had no applicants. These examples are not exhaustive and each application would be considered on its merits by the school’s Admissions Committee.

Q: I think my main concerns at the moment would be the travelling between sites during the 18/19 academic year which would greatly impact on the school day and be very tiring for the children. Will lessons taking place at St Clement Danes be during either the morning or afternoon to prevent numerous trips by coach?

A: These are details that have yet to be finalised and will depend upon the build schedule, but that is certainly one model we are considering because we agree that we must reduce the impact to students of any such travel. We are currently looking at transporting transporting half a year group on four days a week from the Croxley Danes site to St Clement Danes to access specialist facilities.

Q: Will 2018-19 onwards involve Croxley Danes students spending Year 8 and 9 on a building site?

A: We are working closely with the Education Funding Agency and developing plans for years 2 and 3 of the school. They  have a great deal of experience in providing solutions for schools in our position and, like us, are committed to ensuring that our educational vision is not compromised, and children’s safety and wellbeing are paramount. You can see pictures of the sort of temporary accommodation which will be provided in the slides from the Applicants' Information Evening, available to download here.

Q: How long will it take to fully complete building the school?

A: We are delighted to report that the project has now been brought forward so that the permanent buildings will be ready for September 2019 and not November as previously advertised. As with any build, it is impossible to give guarantees, but we are sharing with you what we know at the moment. 

Q: Is the idea that the school will have its own playing fields from 2018 onwards rather than having to use alternative facilities i.e. is the land big enough to accommodate school buildings plus playing fields of the size of e.g. SCD?  

A: We can confirm that the site is large enough to accommodate the required playing fields. Whether these are available from 2018 will be determined by the build schedule. If playing fields are not available from 2018, we will make other arrangements to ensure that PE can be delivered.

Q: Will the coach back to Croxley Green still be available to those students wanting to attend after school clubs/activities held at St Clement Danes during 2017-18?

No. With any school, transport is provided for the beginning and end of the school day. We will, however, hold some activities at lunchtimes to ensure that those students who cannot stay on will still be able to access extra-curricular clubs.

Q: I wanted to know more about the subjects available to students. Will they be studying a combined Science subject or will Chemistry, Biology and Physics be available as discrete subjects?

A: The provision will be the same as St Clement Danes. Students will study science at Key Stage 3 (Years 7,8 and 9) and then, in Years 10 and 11, the minimum requirement will be for students to study combined science (worth 2 GCSEs). For those students who opt to do so, this provision will be supplemented with additional lessons so that students can study biology, physics and chemistry separately and be awarded 3 GCSEs.

Q: Will you be asking for a regular donation from parents like other secondary schools in the area?

A: We are likely to have a fund to which parents will be invited to contribute if they so wish. However, this decision will be left to parents. If individuals feel able to contribute a regular amount according to their financial circumstances, we will welcome this and use the fund to pay for extras to enhance the students’ experience of school. More details will be sent out to Year 7 parents later in the year.

Q: St Clement Danes is part of the Hertfordshire consortium. Will Croxley Danes participate in the Consortium in the future – for musical aptitude and academic ability?

A: This consortium is for selection testing. We have joined the consortium for testing for musical aptitude only from 2018. New schools such as ours are not allowed to select on ability so there will be no test for academic ability.

Q: If it takes two years to fully build the school, would you be adding another 2 form entry to year 9 for the cohort starting in 2017?

A: No.

Q: Will the new school look and feel like St Clement Danes?

A: Yes, but we envisage it developing its own character and traditions as it matures, becoming a distinct but similar school over time.


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