Students help select new Deputy Head for the school

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed, reports ...

On Thursday 22nd March, Yousuf Sayed, Cameron Brooks, Jia Hirani, Layla Munday, and Kian Dallas (also known as The Student Panel) interviewed 5 candidates who were running for the role of Deputy Head Teacher. Some of the candidates taught lessons so the students could also experience their method of teaching.

Once all of the candidates were interviewed, the Student Panel put the candidates in order to see who they thought was the best, based on their answers to the questions we asked them. Some of the questions were, “What was your previous job like?”, “What would you do if you were appointed the role of Deputy Head?” and, our favourite question, “How will you demonstrate your commitment to the school if you were appointed?”

As Mr Thompson has announced in his recent newsletter, Miss Ridge was appointed and we are looking forward to her starting at the school.

The students had a great time and learnt something new while doing this! We hope students can take part in even more amazing opportunities like this in the future!