Commedia dell'Arte mask winners announced

Year 7 drama students have been studying the history of pantomime during the autumn term. As part of this study, the students have been involved in an ongoing homework project about the Commedia dell'Arte.  This was a form of professional theatre originating from Italy that was popular in Europe from the 16th to the 18th century. It was characterised by masked "types" which the  the students have been recreating as part of their project. The students subsequently displayed the masks which were viewed and judged by students and staff who awarded them points as part of the competition.

The form with the most merits overall was Jaggerts whilst the overall winning form was Snells!

Individual winners were as follows:

Cassiobridge - Bianca Stanciu

Gonville - Scarlett Simmons

Jaggerts - Aaron Parmer

Snells - Thomas Ashby