MFL Languages Week 2021

The Modern Languages faculty have been very busy creating a fun filled learning week. The students have been encouraged to learn the importance of language learning whilst increasing their understanding of cultural diversity at Croxley Danes and seem to have thoroughly enjoy it.

The students were able to earn house points by answering their form time register in 21 different languages, from ‘Labas’ (Lithuania) to ‘Moi Moi’ (Finnish). Additionally, there was the annual CDS Bake off and an opportunity to do 51 virtual challenges that students could sign up to online. The canteen transformed their menu to incorporate food from different nationalities. From chicken guros kebab (Greece) to curry pot with mini naan (India).

There was also a Language Fair run by Year 10 and Year 11 where students were encouraged to explore new languages, so all told it has been an action-packed week led by Ms Platt and her team.