Croxley Danes Students Tackle Remote Learning!

We have some further insightful reflections of lockdown and the implications on remote learning as seen through the eyes of two of our students.

Lucy P - 9M                                                                                                                     

I am sure everyone is aware about the struggles the pandemic has forced us to face and this can be an extremely troubling period in our lives. Lockdown has been a hard obstacle to overcome but we have already gotten through once, and we know we can get through again! We need to remember the positives the pandemic has provided for us and keep an optimistic mind set.

Home Learning is not the same as going to school and having fun, seeing your friends and teachers but it still has had plenty of cheerful things to be happy about. Firstly, remote learning is much more organised than the previous lockdown and we now have access to Microsoft teams which is great! Having live lessons everyday with our teachers gives us the opportunity to ask questions and get help if needed and it operates in exactly the same way as the classroom! Having the ‘raise your hand’ and chat functions makes the lesson run smoothly.

Of course, there may be some technical issues, but these can be resolved and the staff members at Croxley Danes recognise this could be a regular occurrence, so try not to worry. The work may also be set on SMHW. Personally, there have been a series of ups and downs in the past few weeks for me as an individual. For example, one time I joined a lesson and had my microphone unmuted and my brother was talking in the background! It was quite embarrassing but nothing major, if anything it is something hilarious to look back on. I know what it is like as well to have your internet connection go down before you have a meeting, but things seem to work out in the end. If you have reoccurring internet issues and you contacted the school, they would be able to assist.

As well as this, we have been given a lot of free time on our hands and we can use this to our advantage. Now there is no need to make the journey to school so we can become well rested, have time to try new hobbies or perhaps complete old ones, is there some sort of challenge you would like to take up? I am sure many pupils are pleased about wearing their own clothes too! Whilst the pandemic is very serious and an upsetting time, I think we also need to think about how we can change the unhappiness into good memories for the future and try to support people who may not be coping so well with the changes. On a last happy note, I want to personally thank all the teachers at Croxley Danes and our Headteacher Mr Thompson for devising the plan for home learning and teaching us through these tough times and I am sure everyone can agree that they have done a brilliant job so far!

Avi L - 7M

Due to another lockdown taking place here in England, we were all asked again to do our work online via Microsoft Teams. As it was my first time accessing school lessons using video calls, I found it quite peculiar to call my teachers and classmates every period, but since I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now, I’ve gotten used to the new atmosphere and have discovered the benefits we receive from doing our work online.

Since our cameras have to be turned off at all times, most people feel confident to talk in class and contribute with answers as no one can see them or, at times, hear them if they’re using the chat feature. Furthermore, since we’re using our own devices, we can interact with the teacher more and can use features we couldn’t use at school, like online quizzes or access a class notebook. In addition, since we have to access our lessons without our teachers’ guidance, we’re gaining independence, which is a major skill you need to learn once you’ve started secondary school.

Most modern jobs require some sort of understanding of technology, whether it’s simple or not, therefore using online software and apps to complete schoolwork also allows us to familiarise ourselves on the basics surrounding technology. Remote learning has also helped everyone work at their own pace as our teachers usually submit the PowerPoint after the lessons finish and let us ask questions if we’re stuck, so it definitely does help with understanding the work.   

Therefore, although going into school would be the preferred option to learn in which I can’t wait to get back to, I have enjoyed remote learning due to the benefits it provides.