Our New School Site

As our students and staff become familiar with the new school premises it is always lovely to hear our students reflect upon these changes, the following article is written by our Year 8 student Nour B.

Nour B. 8D

As a school we have all been, myself especially, looking forward to the new permanent school site. The new building at Baldwins Lane has some exceptional new facilities which are beneficial for every student’s education, such as the spacious courts, fields and also the immaculate new technology facilities that include a wide variety of cooking instruments and many new woodwork tools.

Going into the building, I have seen a wide range of classrooms for each subject, spacious hallways and a fantastic library with many computers. I was also shocked by the huge amount of science laboratories, there are ten science laboratories with at least thirty gas taps in each one!

Now this may all seem like quite a lot to take in but the teachers have made sure they helped us navigate around the building and there are also signs pointing to each faculty.

There are also a few more members of staff which I have had for some lessons who have been very supportive and truly embrace their subject. I am particularly very excited about the massive new fields on the grassed area: there will be a basketball court, football and rugby pitches and so much more space!

Overall, I think we as a school are incredibly lucky to have a brand new building and new facilities for our education and we all know how amazing, exciting and fun school will be because of the staff and students here!