Croxley's Cool Creature Cottage Construction!

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed 8S reports ...

The Eco Committee came up with the idea to build a bug hotel for the permanent school site. The bug hotel is a mini habitat where different creatures can come and we can look at them. With the consent of the construction company Kier and Mr Thompson, some members from the Eco Committee, led by Mrs Cox, met up on Saturday 27th April to get to work, building the bug hotel. 

Not only was this an exciting event building the hotel, the several members were also the first ever students to ever step foot onto the school site. We got a look around the structure of our school, and it will be amazing to see what it looks like when it is finally constructed.

Building the bug hotel required lots of teamwork and perseverance. The whole project went extremely smoothly. First, we set a layer of stones on the bottom, to act as a flat base. Then, we started adding wooden boards as layers. Since there were gaps between the boards, we put sticks, bamboo, broken brick, leaves and rocks in. While the construction was under way, Scarlett Simmons started painting the sign. She painted ‘Croxley’s Creature Cottage’ on the sign with fluorescent blue and red.