Islam Assembly

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed, reports ...

On Monday 21st May, Ibtissem Taghrest, Ajara Jagne, Laiyba Rashid and I led an assembly on Islam. It was a great way to share knowledge about the Islamic religion to everyone in the school through the voices of the students.

In the assembly we explained different aspects of the religion; such as:

- What Islam is

- Ramadan

- The Arabic Alphabet

- Eid Celebrations

- Prayer Times and How to Pray

Ibtissem and I brought in some religious objects like a box of dates, a topi (a cap men wear when praying in the mosque), a smaller version of the Quran (holy book), and a jainamas (prayer mat).

Everyone worked incredibly hard on the slideshow and the assembly went really well. There are more student led assemblies to come, so we can’t wait…