Maths Challenge 2018

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed 7, reports ...

On Thursday 28th April 2018, some of the students who are the best at maths got selected to do a National Maths Challenge Exam. It was hosted by the Maths Faculty. It was really hard and the Year7s and 8s did the same tests. There were 25 questions and for some of them, if you got them wrong you would lose marks.

Ibtissem Taghrest, talking about how she felt about the questions in the Maths Challenge, said, “I found the questions a little tricky but the challenges were enjoyable.”  Cameron Brooks  said he felt “very nervous, but very excited”.  I felt slightly nervous, but was determined to do my best and remember that I had nothing to worry about.

The Maths Challenge was also a great opportunity for the Year 7S to see what we are going to do in Year 8. The questions started off really easy - rounding decimals. But then they got a whole lot harder: QYZ to PZQ is the same as 2:3, if you subtract RPY from QYZ the answer will be RTQ…

It was basically a multiple choice quiz, which sounds easy enough, but is really not.

We are eagerly waiting for the results to come through in some weeks’ time. Depending on how well the participants did, they will either get a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate. Congratulations to everyone who took part in the competition. It was really hard to get picked so they should be extremely proud for being selected.