Tasty castles? That's history at Croxley Danes!

Danes Student Journalist, Megan Cooney (7C), reports ...

In our history topic of castles, every form has had to present a model and a PowerPoint or a way of showing how to defend, attack and how people live in a castle.

This term, classes sorted themselves into groups of 4-6 people and organised their presentation. Quite a few groups from the school chose to make a cardboard model, make a presentation or Minecraft videos of huge castles, and explain the castles’ weaknesses and strengths. The tastiest choice, though, was making a castle cake!

With all of the sweet treats to chomp on while watching the presentations, the class applauded each group for their hard work. After the cakes had mysteriously disappeared, the full up students waited for a few minutes while the teacher scored the groups and gave them a grade.

Most people left happily with a bit of a sugar rush, with good grades and stuffed stomachs.