First win for netball team

Danes Student Journalist, Lisa Sadchikova (7G) reports ...

With such inclement weather as we’ve been having these past couple of days, engaging in any outside sporting activity would seem like an act of bravery. Yet, our netball team faced Bushey Meads earlier this week in a match that brought us a 17-15 victory - our first ever netball win for the school.

I met with one of the members of the Croxley Danes netball team, Layla Munday on the following day in between classes to talk to her about the game.

As netball is a team sport, the result of the game always depends on how well the team members work together. We were happy to find out that Layla also thought that Croxley Danes did so well on the day as they were much more organised and strategic during the game than their opponents.

Layla thought that Bushey Meads players were taller and clearly had an advantage in that, however, our girls were more persistent and did well both in defence and attack. Layla thought that we could work on our dodging skills and throws. No doubt our coach will help in that.

Our Croxley Danes netball team trains each week. Clearly, the result of the game shows that  good team work always pays off! Sincere congratulations go to Miss Clarke, our Coach, student coaches from St Clement Danes, Olivia Poppy (Y9), Morgan Waring (Y10) and Jess Willis (Y10) and, of course, the team.

Player of the day was our own Frudy who was Goal Attack in the match and helped our team score so well.

We have not been informed yet who our girls will face in their next match, but if they continue playing as well as they did last time, their opponents will be faced with a big challenge!