Kickboxing star Ellie in title fight

Talented kickboxer and Gonville student Ellie, competed in a title fight in St Albans on Sunday 12th November which was part of a programme of fights televised on Sky television.

Ellie is currently number 2 in the country in the girls’ 40kg class and is a member of the Lions Club, Watford who she describes as being ‘like a family’. Ellie has been kick boxing for 9 years, having switched to the sport from gymnastics at an early age. The fight earlier this month was for the title of WKA Southern and, as the current holder is also the UK’s number 1, was effectively a fight for the UK title. Ellie’s fight was on a programme with adult fights and followed the same format: she came out with an Irish flag (to represent her parents’ nationalities) with her choice of ‘I Spy’ by Skepta playing. Although Ellie eventually lost, she did win 2 of the 5 rounds and both girls displayed excellent skills.

Ellie, who has also represented the school at football and cross country, cites as one of her role models Anthony Joshua who she met a couple of weeks ago whilst training at Finchley & District Amateur Boxing Club. Ellie was delighted when he watched her training, gave her some tips and told her that she was a good fighter. Her next fight is at Barnsley Metrodome on 26th November where she is competing in the Yokkao Next Generation event for Muay Thai fighting.

We wish her well and will follow her progress with interest!

For more details of the Lions Club where Ellie trains, please see: