House Names Announced

We are delighted to be able to announce the House names for Croxley Danes School, all of which relate to the history of the site or Croxley Green in some way. For 2017-8 they are:


In 2018-19, Dickinson and Mallets will be added as the school takes in its full 6 forms of current Year 5 pupils.

Cassiobridge and Snells are the names of two houses which were formerly situated on the land acquired for the school. Gonville and Caius college Cambridge owned the land from the mid 16th century until 1902, whilst Jaggerts and Mallets are the former names of two fields which form part of the site. Dickinson was the 19th century paper mill owner who recognised the importance of employee welfare and education, building housing for his employees and the Dickinson Institute which held classes and concerts and housed a library.

We are very grateful to the local resident who has helped enormously with the task of deciding on these names and has provided us with a wealth of historical information. We hope that the students will enjoy finding out more about the background to their House name when their Tutor Groups are revealed on Tuesday 11th July.

A fantastic resource for learning more about the history of Croxley Green can be found at the following website which we would recommend to all our students: