Woodoaks Farm Trip

We were very proud of the students who participated in our visit to Woodoaks Farm on 6th December. During the day students were tasked to plant hedgerows alongside representatives from the soil association. The students were very resilient given the inclement weather conditions. They worked hard and demonstrated a positive attitude. Here are some of their comments:

“I liked that we helped save the planet and we built on our team work. I made new friends and it will be an experience I will remember forever.” Emma

 “I really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn how to keep the plants fresh and learnt plenty of new skills such as teamwork, discipline and friendship.” Arav

 “The trip was a good experience and I learned a lot about the process of planting. The weather was very rainy and so planting the saplings was quite arduous. I learnt a basic level of understanding of planting crops/saplings.” Raam

 “I really enjoyed talking about my life with someone that understands and I’m really glad that I gained a friend out of the experience.” Millie