Year 7 and 8 Inter-Form Speaking Competitions

Activities Week culminated with the finals of the Year 7 and 8 Inter-Form Speaking competitions. Each form held a heat from which a winning team was selected for the final. Whilst each Year 7 form had to craft a speech related to the theme of 'Competition', Year 8 were challenged to speak on the theme of 'Travel'. We gathered in the sports hall and saw closely contested finals between 7D and 7M, with 7D emerging the winners, and 8S and 8G with 8S emerging the winners. Mr Hiorns, Head of English, said that he had been involved in inter-form competitions for a number of years and that the speeches he listened to in this year's final were the highest quality he had ever heard. Congratulations to 7D and 8S, their teams and the students who were Highly Commended for their writing and speaking.