Counting Down - A Poem by Bibibella M

We love this clever poem from school journalist, Bibi M in Year 9, who has cleverly reflected the number of days left of term in the number of words in each line of her poem.

14: excitement ricochets around the familiar school building, change beckons to the students each day,

13: adrenaline rush hits, for the summer is looming, and students’ voices are booming,

12: sun rays beam through open windows taunting, teasing but we keep learning,

11: reports delivered to apprehensive students, their school year in a list,

10: last minute plans with friends, promises to stay in touch,

9: homework to remember, ensure it’s done before September!

8: Final Sunday this school year turns to Monday,

7: amble in through the school gates,

6: summer is close enough to touch,

5: make every last lesson count,

4: It is so close,

3: to being over,

2: it's nearly,

1: done.