Stories with Freya

We are very proud of Freya, our student in Year 7, who began sharing her love of stories during lockdown in February. On the 5th February, ‘Stories With Freya’ was born and since then, Freya has read 148 stories on her very own Instagram page created and managed by her parents. At 6:00pm each evening, Freya reads aloud to her 120 followers. Asked what motivates her, Freya says, “My motivation would be my little sister Jessie; she likes me to read to her most nights and I enjoy seeing her face when we read together - she's always so happy. I just have to think about how happy little children would be as I read to them on the other side of their screens.”   

Freya explains that she got the idea from her Dad who wanted Freya to start something productive that would be motivating and benefit other people. They brainstormed ideas and produced the idea of 'Stories with Freya'. Freya is ambitious and would like to be an author one day. She explains, “I would like this to take me somewhere where I have a good following so I can publish my own books one day in the future.” So far Freya’s stories have each been watched multiple times with the most popular story, Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton, racking up 288 views!  When asked if Freya thinks she’ll ever run out of books she says, “We have always had so many books, I do not need to find any more, I have hundreds!"

Aside from fans on the internet, Freya has fans closer to home. Jessie, Freya’s little sister says, “I love it when Freya reads to me; she changes her voice for different characters so that I know which one is talking. She makes reading fun - I love listening!”    

We wish Freya all the best with her project and look forward to the day when we see her own stories in print!