Orenda Fest 2021

Croxley Danes Year 9 and 10 girls have embarked on a 6-week Sport and Wellbeing festival as part of the Sport England Project from the 8th February - 24th March. It is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the girls to engage in activities they may never have done before. The project aims to encourage a better understanding of emotional wellbeing, resilience, and the impact of a positive mind-set, whilst developing a love for physical activity. There has been great inclusion from the wellbeing team in supporting the event, having really thought about the event and it’s aims, they generated a questionnaire and shaped the delivery of the festival. A massive thank-you to Ms Bhalla and Ms Zannides, for all their support in the weeks to come, we have every hope that we will make it a success! Therefore, we look forward to seeing as many of you virtually involved over the next few weeks, we cannot wait to get started!


Just remember: we are all born with inner magic, let that shine, so that you can empower your inner sparkle to have a positive effect on the world and control your fate or destiny.