A Symphony of Lockdown by Bibi M, Year 9


“Can you hear me?”

Frustrated signs and frantic taps on the Keyboard,

My mouse inches towards the red leave button,




The kettle boils for the third time today

Tap… Tap… Tap… and bing

“Please make sure you are muted!”


Inside my headphones my breathing becomes louder as the silent call sits in wait,

Before, the voice of a classmate echoes through,

Snippets of family life broadcast to the class,

“Oops, sorry!”


I listen as a teacher asks a question,

“Put your hand up now if you know the answer”


Until one bold yellow hand bings into existence,

Bing, Bing, Bing,

Soon an army of little yellow hands stand to attention next to their name tags.


As the volume of peoples’ voices raise and fall naturally,

We settle into another day of live lessons.