End of term Reflections

As we approach the end of our first term at Croxley Danes School it has been lovely to see how well our students have settled back into school life after the lockdown period. Here is a lovely reflection from one of our students:

Jessica R. 7C

The Croxley Danes Community is very big and friendly and the staff are very welcoming. The moment I step into school I feel like I am at home. The diversity of extra-curricular activities enables me to develop new skills. Each day my timetable is well balanced as it contains subjects that I like and dislike. My favourite lessons are English, Art, Music, Drama and Technology. I j’adore French, even though learning a new language can be hard. Mrs Dawson makes our lessons very enjoyable with her humour and positivity. Mrs Broadis, my English teacher, leads the class in a way that fully captures my attention. She will never bore you! When it comes to music, Mr Evans entertains his class with his incredible piano skills. You could sit there for hours on end and just listen to him play. When you step inside his class it’s a completely different atmosphere. I can’t wait to develop my music skills. Something which I am also looking forward to is the new library. I am so happy that I chose Croxley Danes to be my guide to the future. I knew who I was before I arrived at Croxley Danes and I am excited about the person I am going to become.