Excellence, Respect & Trust

Croxley Danes School is guided by the principle values of Excellence, Respect & Trust, which are embedded in all that we do and resonant in our motto Loyauté m’oblige (Loyalty binds me); we understand this to mean that the school’s commitment to the individual - and the individual’s commitment to the school. We strive to ensure our students are fully immersed in these core values which represent our identity, ethos and the high expectations of our students. The two articles below,  from two of our student journalists, show how they have come to embody and personify these values and what they mean to them.

Chloë I. 8D

At Croxley Danes, there are three core school values. Excellence, Respect and Trust.

The first of these is Excellence. Excellence is about always working hard and trying our best. It is about perseverance and never giving up. It is shown regularly. Not only in assessments and evaluations, but in the way, students want to learn and work to show what they are capable of. However, excellence is also shown in assessment and evaluation results. This is where all of the student’s hard work pays off. Any work that was put in can be seen in their score. To help students know where they should be, the school provides a target grade for each individual student which is where they should be by the end of the year.

The second value is Respect. Respect at Croxley Danes is given by the staff to the pupils and by the pupils to the staff. Respect is something that is earned by being respectful and everyone at Croxley Danes earns that respect.

Finally, there is Trust. Trust is exemplified by students and staff when a teacher trusts a class to complete practical work sensibly. Trust is important because if a teacher can trust their students to behave, they can complete more work and move on to more practical and enjoyable work because the class was well behaved.

All of these core beliefs are exemplified by students and staff on a daily basis and make the school a better place.

Avi L. 7M

Excellence, Respect, and Trust are the three core values at Croxley Danes School to ensure students behave well and are not ill-mannered. They prevent any major sanctions as most students follow those values by speaking politely towards teachers and coming into school in the correct attire. These are the values the school expects the students to live by inside the school and in their life outside of school.

I do thoroughly believe those values do improve the behaviour at the school as they guarantee that Croxley Danes students try as hard as they possibly can even when they are finding it difficult, proven by the word ‘Excellence’. ‘Respect’ helps with the politeness and the mannerism of the pupils towards one another and the teachers, whilst the final word, ‘Trust’ improves their reliability and truthfulness in a nurturing environment. Therefore, the core values are important as they help produce good characteristics in pupils as they grow older.