Croxley Danes School Assemblies Go Live!

These past few weeks Croxley Danes School has been successfully interacting with all our students through the posting of weekly assemblies on the school’s YouTube channel. The first assembly took place at the start of this month and was led by our Headteacher, in which he spent time reiterating the expectations of remote learning whilst informing his students that their well-being was of paramount importance to the school. Mr Thompson also encouraged our students to use their time in lockdown wisely, by either learning a new skill or developing an existing one. 

There were two assemblies in the second week, the first was led by Head of Year 7, Miss Horwood, where she highlighted the pastoral challenges some Croxley Danes teacher have been completing over the past few weeks. Some teachers have been learning new skills such as juggling, or enhancing their cookery skills from around the world. There were some amusing activities on display. The second assembly during the same week was presented by Miss Wilding, Head of Years 8 & 9, where she spoke about change and utilising those opportunities that come about as a result of change.

Assistant Headteacher Mrs Brewer’s assembly in week three focused on the positive aspects which have emerged during recent weeks, especially the rise of our community spirit during this unprecedented period of time.

In week four we conducted a further two assemblies, the first one featured a number of our teachers, but was primarily led by Miss Horwood on the importance of valuing yourself and others, especially in light of recent media news. The assembly highlighted the need for us all to continue having conversations, broaden our understanding and deepen our empathy for those in the wider community. The second assembly was led by Miss Wilding and focused on the act of kindness, to think about what you say about people, what you say to people and what difference you can make to the lives of others.

In case you have missed any of these, or wish to revisit them again, the collection of varied and informative assemblies can be found listed below.

1st June 2020 Assembly Week 1

8th June 2020 Assembly Week 2

15th June 2020 Assembly week 3

22nd June 2020 Assembly week 4