Lockdown Reflections, Creative Writing from CDS Students

A selection of students have written lovely creative pieces, three of which are showcased below, on their thoughts whilst in lockdown and the feelings anticipated upon this period of uncertainty passing:

When I opened the door, I felt a cool breeze across my body. The world outside seemed barren. Silent. A smell of freshness hung in the air. The sun streamed viciously down on my face. People hadn’t moved for so long; they were like baby elephants walking for the first time.

Everyone’s skin was pale as snow, because they have had a lack of sun. I saw people who I have not seen for months - it was very weird. I can hug and touch my friends and family, and taste food I have not had for ever. Why did we have to go through all this? It really was amazing leaving the house. Tears were a river running down my face. It was the best life being back to normal.

By Joseph 8M


Silence. Silence is the only word that can be used to describe the world outside the house. He looked left, right. He could only see streets, void of life. Before this day, the streets were barren. Before this day, the only sounds he could hear were the sirens of vans driving rapidly. Before this day he was suffocating inside his house, ready to bombard through his front door.

At the corner of his eyes the blinding sun struck his body. The world started to appear gradually, colours and shapes forming. And finally, he gulped the fresh air. This was  the moment.

His legs felt utterly flexible - he could run again. He felt as if he found the key to open the world, the ‘lockdown’, the everything. Powerful, privileged, are the words that he felt. The boy scattered through the landscape, searching for what he desired. The park. The park that awaited him was not far. He could already smell the green, fresh grass. In the distance, many other children gathered, rushing like today was the only day. It was in sight. And now it was the time that he was going to do what he always was going to do. Have freedom.

By Kavan 8G


It was now. No other time. Now. Today was the day. A moment in history. An unforgettable event. The guidelines from the government have been freed. This was our chance to take back those lost memories of forgotten friends, unfair education; days of silence and boredom.

The front door opens and the sight of our neglected, empty street makes a shiver run down my spine. As my spirit releases a moment of joy, dreamlike words roll off my tongue:” We are free!” Our neighbours, our friends, our nation rejoices. Fresh air wafts through my nose, it is unlike the stuffiness of our houses – air which we always took for granted.

A rush of realisation fills me with excitement. Running as far as my stiff legs can take me, I run. Beaming like the sun, the red door which led to many happy memories in my life is still there. I can touch it and knock on it. My smile stretches as far as it can as footsteps hurry down the carpeted stairs. The latches rattle, the key turns, the door swings open and… my best friend runs into my arms! Touch is something I will never take for granted again - the feeling of her arms as she squeezes me ever so tightly as if she never wants to let go.

A year was too long; however, we would make up for it, it was only one year of our life. It was now. No other time. Now.                                                           

By Freya 8G