Ramadan Mubarak!

Please find below a lovely article written by Yousuf in Year 9 explaining the importance of the Muslim festival of Ramadan,

Ramadan Mubarak or Happy Ramadan from Croxley Danes School!

So, what is Ramadan? Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar and it is the time of year where Muslims all over the world fast. The fasting takes place from sunrise to sunset, and during this time, Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink. Yes... even water! It is a time of devotion to our religion and God, Allah, and we are not allowed to listen to music, display any deep acts of emotion, get angry or fight. Instead, we are encouraged to read the Quran (holy book), pray and help our family. Ramadan lasts between 29-30 days and the month follows the course of the lunar calendar.

Why is Ramadan important to Muslims? We believe that during the last ten days of the month, on one of the odd nights, the Quran was revealed to the last prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad. If you pray on this night, it is as if you have prayed for 1,000 months, which is around 84 years! It is also when we understand that there are less fortunate people in the world, and when we endure the hunger and thirst they have.

What is the Ramadan routine? We usually wake up before the sunrise prayer (Fajr) and eat our morning meal (Suhoor). We then pray Fajr and are not allowed to eat or drink anymore, after the call for prayer has gone off. At the time of the sunset prayer (Maghrib), we break our fast, usually with a date and a drink and enjoy our evening meal (Iftar). After the evening meal, we can go for the late-night prayers (Taraweeh).

We hope you have learnt something new today and carry on celebrating the culture and diversity of our world.