A Student’s Perspective, Life During Lockdown

The following article was written by one of our budding Year 7 journalists, Leonor, on the effect lockdown has had on her,

As you know all the schools in the UK are closed and everyone is experiencing what it is like to study at home. Croxley Danes School students had been doing lots of different projects every day: making board games, writing stories, completing workbooks or even working as travel agents!

So, what I would like to share is my experience of being at home. There are positives and negatives aspects about being at home. The positives of being at home are that I have more time during the week to develop my schoolwork, giving me more free time on the weekends to develop my personal interests. The negatives are that I cannot see my friends until the quarantine is over and I have to stay at home. 

During this time, I have realised that I have many more talents than I thought I would ever have: for example, sewing, making movies and painting. These activities have taught me how to be patient and independent.

When the Coronavirus situation is over, I think the country will change because what we are going through is going to be remembered in history forever.