The Great MFL Challenge

Earlier in the month as a part of the project work issued to students, the MFL faculty led a challenge for their year 7 and year 8 students to create either a Francophone or Hispanic brochure based on a country of their choice. The students were asked to consider many different aspects of their chosen country and its culture, such as food, traditions, festivals, famous people or anything else that they thought would be important to show case. 

An exceptional piece of work was submitted Ayush who based his research on Spain, where he wrote about the Geography of the landscape. Phoebe wrote in detail about Mexico, highlighting the traditions and religious beliefs held there, while Ryaan completed a powerpoint presentation on Cuba exploring tourism and the economy. Finally, Jake penned his research on Madagascar with aspects such as the environment and climate covered in some depth.

All the projects were extremely well researched and thereby informative pieces of work. Miss Matthews, MFL Teacher, stated “The projects created were well thought out and the effort students have put into their projects is clear. They worked hard during their research and thought carefully about layout. It is fantastic to see such a variety of countries included.”