Visit by International Artist Wren Miller

We were delighted to recently have had international artist Wren Miler visit Croxley Danes School for the day. The day was linked to the fantastic work the school and students are already doing, having become one of 12 schools nationally to be part of the Plastic Pioneers Project which aims to reduce single use plastic we waste as a school community.

Wren is an Eco artist specializing in giant mass recycling and natural artworks bringing eco awareness into communities all over Britain and internationally.

Wren usually makes large waves out of plastic bottles but made an exception for us and helped the students create a large-scale turtle made from chicken wire and plastic bottles that had been collected from around the school and from home. The turtle was created throughout the day by students across all year groups, with each class building upon what the previous class had created.

The students really enjoyed the day as they were able to work collaboratively and overcome problems with practical solutions.