Neasden Temple Trip

Students from Year 7 had a fascinating visit to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, popularly known as the ‘Neasden Temple’ last week. It is a sanctuary of vibrant Hindu worship in north-west London serving a community of over 5000 families. The temple, built in the early 1990s, was the vision of  Swami Maharaj and students learned the history of this magnificent building which used stone from Bulgaria and Italy, that was sent to India for carving by skilled craftsmen and then returned to London. The temple was built by a team of 3000 volunteers over a period of two years and was opened in 1995.

Students were impressed with the intricate designs that they sketched for Art and learned much from the exhibition, 'Understanding Hinduism' that supported their learning in REPS. Ms Waterman whom accompanied the visit said, "It was wonderful to see the students engaged with the wonderful architecture of the building and I learned a lot that I hadn't appreciated about this warm and welcoming world religion. The students' behaviour was a real credit to the school too."