Table Tennis Team Qualify for National Final

Croxley Danes School are extremely excited and proud to have qualified for the Table Tennis under 13s regional finals after having won the district and county championships in last term.

Liam, from year 8, has written the following article based on his and the teams experiences that day:

On Saturday 18th January, 3 students from year 7 and one from year 8 travelled to Patcham High School in Brighton to attend the Table Tennis under 13s regional qualifiers tournament. Croxley Danes School had made it this far by winning the district tournament at The Reach Free School and the county finals at Beechwood Park School.

We set off early in the morning heading for Brighton where the tournament would be held. Everyone felt a bit nervous to play as we observed the other teams warm up, although after a pep talk from Mr Murphy we were no longer nervous and ready to play with no fear. Our first match was against Tanbridge House. It was a tough but exciting match, Nishan and Jack both played exceptionally well and won their first match. After our first games, we managed to beat Tanbridge House overall.

After a few more matches, Croxley Danes School made it to the semi-finals of the competition. It was a match against FitzWimarc school in Essex. Nishan won his 2 games and Jack won his first game after which it was all down to Charlie and I. I won my first game and Charlie was unlucky against their best player. After our first games, Charlie told me to always serve short against the boy he lost to, I took his advice and I beat him. In the final, we were very unlucky as we drew 4-4 in matches but unfortunately Westgate School beat us on individual games. However, that did not matter, as Croxley Danes School qualified for the national finals!

Many thanks to Mr Murphy and Miss Davies for taking us there in the minibus. We were given lots of encouragement throughout the tournament by them and most of all we played with no fear. We are extremely excited to be competing in a few weeks’ time in Bristol at the national finals.

Best of luck to our table tennis champions at the finals. We wish you every success!