Art and Photography Donations

We are very proud to announce that due to the support of the Croxley Danes PA the Art department has been able to acquire 3 DSLR cameras at a donated cost of £1,000. This will support the department with the extra-curricular Photography club which was established by 3 students in Year 9 and now supported by our Art technician. The cameras allow students to learn photography techniques that will complement their studies at GCSE and beyond. The students seem to thoroughly enjoy it and have been showcasing their talents on Twitter.

The Art department also received a generous donation of £1,500 last year which went towards the purchase of a printing press. The press has allowed the students to experiment with a range of different printing techniques in the autumn term. The press has also been used by the Art club to create some exciting and original Christmas cards this year. 

We must thank the PA and our parents for their continued support, without whom these facilities and additional equipment would not be feasible for our students to benefit from.