Year 7 Online Safety Training

On Thursday 14th November, our Year 7 students attended an online safety training session.

One of our budding school Journalist, Leonor S in 7C, demonstrated great learning by recording the following summary and thoughts from the session.

How can you be safe online?

As the law states you are only allowed to have social media around the of age 13, but not everyone follows that rule; some people have it by the age of 10 or even earlier!

The choice is as big as a bag full of candies on a Halloween night, however, you need to think carefully and ask for advice from an adult that you trust. If you are thinking about having a social media account, then you must follow these 4 important steps:

  • Always ask your parents to set up your online account
  • Your profile should always be private
  • Never talk to strangers online
  • Think before you post (it will always be there even if you delete it in the future)

Stranger danger              

If a stranger approaches you, and starts to have inappropriate conversations, here is what you need to do: take a screen shot of the evidence, delete and block the contact. Always inform an adult about what has happened.


Another thing that you might find on social media is cyberbullying; this happens when a person or a group of persons can bully you through your social media page. If this occurs, you will need to report it to the social media app and tell someone you trust.

Other apps

If you are using tik tok, snapchat, Instagram or Facebook or any other social media platform, take this as a golden rule: never post a picture of yourself in your school uniform, in your pyjamas or even half-dressed.

The internet world can be very desirable and also very dangerous. What seems funny today can be your nightmare tomorrow.


Thank you, Leonor, for sharing your in-depth learning and analysing the outcomes of the online session so articulately for us all to be aware of.