Year 8 trip to Whipsnade Zoo

Our year 8 students participated in a series of exciting trips to Whipsnade Zoo last week as part of their science curriculum on Ecosystems. The purpose of the trips was to enrich and extend the students classroom learning about animals and their interactions with each other and the ecosystem in which they live in. During the trip students participated in an educational session, led by Whipsnade’s education team. The students were also taken on a guided tour of the zoo, looking at the animals and thinking about their native habitats, food chains and adaptations for survival in the wild.

One Year 8 budding journalist, Ayush Patel, wrote the wonderful following article based on his experience on the trip,

On the 4th November 2019, one half of Year 8 went to Whipsnade Zoo, which is near Dunstable in Bedfordshire, and the second half of Year 8 visited on the 5th November.  We all had the chance to see the butterfly house, aquarium, to have an educational lesson about climate change (which had elements of science and geography) and how it has an impact on animals. We also had the opportunity to see animals such as tigers, lions, rhinos, giraffes, elephants and many more.

The teachers said that we were all well behaved and hoped we learnt something and the students all had a great time. We had homework to do before we went, to prepare us for the trip. Overall, I think that it was enjoyable and educational, and I hope that there will be visits like this to come in the future.