Year 8 Girl Wins to Retain UK Number 1 Spot in Muay Thai

Emilia Azarova, a year 8 student, competed under Muay Thai Rules for Lions Watford on the biggest junior stage on Saturday 20th July.

Competing as the UK number 1 in her usual weight category, Emilia took a step up and was offered a bout against the UK number 1 in the weight class above and won. Having worked hard at her skills Emilia is now undefeated in over a year, with her successes included multiple titles and participation in the WKO World Championships representing England.

Emilia said "I am so proud of myself and the other Lions, training and competing has shown me that hard work really does pay off. I love doing this sport and wish everyone could do it, thanks to my coaches, Sally and Colin and to my team mates"

The school is also very proud of Emilia’s many sporting achievements.