Dragons Come to Croxley!

Danes Student Journalist, Ayush Patel 7G, reports ...

For the first time, Croxley Danes had its very own episode of Dragons' Den, including only the Year 8s. They all had to think of an invention that was created in the Industrial Revolution and present it as if they were the person who invented it at the time. The competition was tense but in the end, the teachers decided the five finalists (they could also be in groups). The five finalists were Sarah from 8C, Jia from 8J, Phoebe and Megan as a duo also from 8C, Ella, Devan, Aruna, Scarlett and Eloise from 8G and finally Grace and Ajara as a duo from 8S. The Dragons were Mr Reid (our history teacher), Rob Moore (from Rickmansworth Waterways Trust), Fabian Hiscock (Rickmansworth Historical Society), Rev Dave Gregory (Croxley Green Baptist Church) and also Mrs Plociennik (Governor). The final was set in the hall on the top floor in front of all the Year 7s and the rest of the Year 8s. The winner was Sarah from 8C who had the idea of penny post stamps and her reward was Cadbury's chocolate and a certificate.