Sports Hall construction begins

This month has seen a number of visits to the site with Mrs Cox, Mr Thompson and Mr Simkin all spending time talking to our construction team, Kier. Mrs Cox visited to discuss the environment group's plans to create a bug hotel and bird boxes for the site. On Mr Thompson's last visit today with Mr Simkin, our caretaker, they were able to walk around the whole site to get a feel for the different areas. Rumour has it that there was a slight incident involving our Headteacher slipping down a muddy bank and getting stuck in a quagmire at the bottom. Unfortunately, no-one was available with a camera but Mr Thompson reports that his suit trousers bear witness to the quantity of mud involved!

Another exciting development has been the opportunity for our students to get involved in designing images to be displayed on boards outside the main site. This art competition has led to some fantastic entries and the winners will be announced soon.

It is very exciting to see the building taking shape so quickly and we remain indebted to Kier who are extremely generous with their time on each of our visits.