Croxley Celebrates European Day of Languages

Croxley Danes are holding various events this week to celebrate European day of Languages on 26th September. Year 8 students were invited to showcase their home language by holding a language table in the Learning Resources Centre throughout the week. Students from Years 7 and 8 can hear and learn simple vocabulary in Spanish, Algerian, Dutch, Hindi and Gaelic. The photographs below show these workshops taking place. Also taking place on Wednesday was a Modern Languages themed bake off! There was fantastic turnout - 37 cakes in total!  Students paid £1 and funds go to Save the children – very apt as they help those who are often forced to arrive in a country not speaking the language due to conflict. 7J and 7S bought in the most cakes, with 8G runners up. Bakers will get 5 house points for baking a cake and the winning 3 cakes also get 5 points.  The winners will be announced in due course.

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed, reports: 

Liam Bishop Gregs ran the Dutch workshop and said ‘It was fun teaching people a language you know because it gives you a sense of good feeling, sharing your knowledge with others.

I ran the Hindi workshop. It was an enjoyable experience and I can’t for the things planned in the future.

Ibtissem Taghrest ran the Algerian workshop. She said 'It felt really good knowing that I can share my knowledge of other languages with the other students and it was such a fun experience. It was amazing to see how quickly some students actually picked up some of the Algerian Dialect.'

Jack Watson, who visited the workshops, said he had fun learning greetings and counting in other languages.

Anton Plociennik (a Year 7 visitor) said it felt weird at first but when you get used to it, it starts making sense.

Overall it was a successful and fun-filled week!

Well done to the students who participated both as teachers, learners and bakers and thank you to Ms Platt for organising the events.