Key Stage 3 River Fieldwork Trip



On Wednesday 27th April, students from the Environment Group, Geography Discovery group and the STEM club came together and participated in a hands-on fieldwork day at Denham Country Park which was run by the organisation, Thames 21. The trip was provided for our students as a sign of their appreciation for some work the Environment Group did earlier in the year to trial some of their educational resources. 

Our fieldwork day included both biological and geographical fieldwork. We did a survey of indicator species at the River Misbourne as part of a citizen science project. Through identifying the species present in the river we were able to assess the water quality at the site. We also conducted some physical measurements of the river which was excellent practice for GCSE geography. 

The students who participated were a real credit to the school and not only learnt a lot but also had a lot of fun along the way!

I enjoyed going into the river and taking all the measurements and looking for creatures in the river. I also loved the minibus ride back to school because everyone was doing carpool karaoke! It was extremely fun and educational!” Year 7 student