‘A Sketch A Day’

During lockdown, some teachers at school have been quietly revealing their hidden talents for which they do not usually have a lot of time to explore. During this period of school closure, Mrs Cox, Mrs Broadis and Mrs Folgate, as well as completing planning for on-line learning, have all been producing a piece of art each day to post in a group that Mrs Cox founded called, 'A Sketch A Day'. Mrs Cox shares, "The decision to start a 'Sketch a day' started after a trip to Hobbycraft with my daughters to stock up on craft materials when it looked like school closures were imminent. We decided we would do our own sketch a day and after mentioning it to a few other people, I set up a Facebook group called 'A Sketch A Day'. It's been great sharing the experience with colleagues, friends and complete strangers and has been a fantastic way for me to spend some quality time with my children on something we've all enjoyed."

The theme for each day is suggested by Mrs Cox or members of the group who are families from across the country. The group has over 130 members and so far, themes chosen have included 'toucan', 'something cold', 'butterfly', 'inspired by a book' and 'rainbow'. Mrs Folgate says, 'Being a member of A Sketch A Day reminds me that I need to take time for me, to be able to forget about everything and to relax.' Mrs Broadis reflected that in the midst of this strange time nationally, she was determined to see the good that was coming from it saying, "It is so important to celebrate creativity and community, and cherish the ties that bind."