Plastic Pioneers

Croxley Danes School has recently become one of 12 schools nationally to be part of the Plastic Pioneers Project. One of our talented students, Yousef, has written the following thought provoking article on the recently launched initiative at our School to reduce plastic waste.

Are you eco-friendly? Are you becoming eco-friendly? We are! Croxley Danes School has launched the Plastic Pioneers Project to help reduce the amount of plastic our school uses. We used to have single-use plastic cups in the lunch hall for filling up water, but we now got rid of those and gave out reusable water bottles. The Plastic Pioneers group is made up of Years 7, 8 and 9 students.

The Environment Group have delivered an assembly to every year group, about becoming more environmentally friendly, and we talked about the Plastic Pioneers. We have received funding to cut down on our single use plastic. In our soon to be occupied permanent site at Baldwins Lane we are hoping to have drinking fountains that do not require any cups, it will leave the school looking much tidier and is better for the environment.

Thank you to Mrs Cox for taking the lead on this project, and thank you to everyone who is in the group. We have many exciting ideas for the future of our school and we cannot wait to implement them in our permanent site. You can also make a difference by cutting down on your plastic usage. Just imagine if everyone started reducing the amount of plastic they used; I’ll leave you with that to think about...

Additionally, last Friday we were also delighted to welcome 16 year old guest speaker, Amy, Co-founder of the environmental group Kids against Plastic, a grass-roots youth organisation founded by Amy and her younger sister Ella. Amy met with our Plastic Pioneers group and gave two assemblies which challenged each one of us to think about our plastic footprint.