Science Week at Croxley Danes

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed 8S reports ...

Science week was a ‘blast’, literally! On Monday 11th March, the Year 7s took part in Rocket Science as a ‘CREST Day’. They all enjoyed taking part!

On Tuesday 12th, the STEM Club students ran an extra special Science Club at lunch time. Students could come along and make a pot of slime to take home - seen in the photograph above. It was a very popular event and had an amazing 85 students participating.

On Wednesday 13th, two members of Pfizer came to give the whole school an insight into the process of medicine. It was very interesting to see the lengthy process of developing medicines in so much detail. Everyone learnt a lot with the interactive features and videos.

On Thursday 14th, the Year 8s had a ‘different’ science lesson. Two visitors came to our school to teach us how to code a light game. We played rock, paper, scissors, made messages appear on the screen and played songs! The robotics session was incredibly exciting.

Finally, on Friday 15th, some students were invited to go on a trip to The Big Bang Fair in Birmingham. It was a fun and insightful trip which they all enjoyed.

Overall, Science Week was a huge success. Everyone in the school learnt something new and had fun learning about all the different things that happen in science. Thank you to Mrs Cochran for organising all the great events and making British Science Week at Croxley Danes very exciting.