Francophonie Quiz!

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed 8S reports ...

On 21st March 2019, I, along with, Scarlett, Breeanna, Kathryn, Ajara, Ibtissem, Jia, Harriet, Bianca, Julia, Finn, Harry, Devan, Aruna, Joshua, Sadana, Dillon, Cameron, Emily and Laiyba all took part in the Francophonie Quiz.

The Francophonie is a loosely united group of nations in which French is a first, or culturally significant language.

We did a quiz all about the Francophonie, Plays, and the Swiss. The questions were in French, which we had to translate into English and answer in multiple choice in French.

An example question, translated into English, is ‘In how many geographical areas is Switzerland divided into? And we had to pick A, B, or C.

There were two teams, but we all helped each other and the highest score we got was an astounding 77/100.

Harriet said she was “very pleased with the score.”

We all hope to strive harder and enjoy more of the wonderful MFL competitions that get arranged. Thank you Ms Platt for allowing us to take part!