La Galette des Rois. C'était délicieux!

Danes Student Journalist, Yousuf Sayed 8S reports...

[We are sorry that our website is not as good at coping with French accents as our reporter, which accounts for the strange characters in this piece! Apologies.]

The MFL Club held an event where we could volunteer to make a Galette des Rois. What is a Galette des Rois and why did we make it? A Galette des Rois is a ‘Christmas Cake’, which is celebrated in quite a few countries. We focused on France. It celebrates the epiphany on the 6th of January.

Harriet Watson made the Galette which turned out magnificently. Traditionally, if you hide under the table when it’s being served you get the biggest piece. There is a fève that is placed randomly in the cake before the baking process. A fève is a porcelain figure which represents something relating to the epiphany.

The slices of the Apple Galette de Rois were handed out and the person who had the fève in their slice would be the king. Not the real one, just in the family. They would also choose a queen and they would both wear a crown.

The biggest slice of the cake went to Mr Thompson. None of us got the fève in our slices, so Mr Thompson had the fève, and therefore became king. He got to wear the crown. It was a really fun event, and we got to learn different cultures in a very fun way.

Thank you to Ms Platt for running MFL club and organising this event.