La Galette des Rois

The MFL faculty had a busy week last week where the students enjoyed learning about the special dish La Galette des Rois made for Epiphany and some also took part in recreating the sweet dish. The students also learnt how the occasion is celebrated differently in other countries, with a similar pastry, known as a Roscón de Reyes in Spain, and in the US, the formerly French and Spanish city of New Orleans continues this tradition with a King cake.

The following article from Amelia in 7S explains more on what took place:

On Thursday 16th of January, the MFL Club held a session on ‘La Galette Des Rois’ or ‘King Cake’. The students that attended had lots of fun learning about when it was eaten and the reasons why it was made. Harriet and Megan from Year 9 made a delicious Galette for all the MFL students to taste and sample. Then we shared our opinions about how it tasted and also waited to find out who got the hidden bean! For those of you that do not know what a La Galette Des Rois is, it is a puff pastry cake, filled with frangipane (cream made from sweet almonds, butter, eggs and sugar), with a bean hidden inside, topped off with a king’s crown. Since the 14th Century, in France, the Galette Des Rois has been eaten on January 6th for Epiphany. This Catholic celebration marks the arrival of the three Rois mages (Gaspard, Melchior and Balthazar) to Jesus. Now it is rather an excuse, without religious background, to share and eat tasty cake together. Whoever gets the hidden bean becomes ‘king’ or ‘queen’ for the day!

Amelia 7S