Charities Week 2018

At the end of term, our newly assembled student charities team started work by raising money for our chosen causes.

This year we are raising money for the global charity Save the Children who work in 68 countries around the world to provide unique care and attention to children who have suffered as a result of conflict or natural disasters. In addition, we are collecting for the Alzheimer's Society who are a care and research charity for people with dementia.

After the school's Christmas Concert on Wednesday, a delicious festive dinner was served by Mr Thompson to all the students and staff. One of the highlights of the week for students was their ability to 'kidnap' lessons. This involved hi-jacking the normal curriculum and watching a DVD in return for a class donation of £12. Tomorrow, the last day of term, students are able to come in non-uniform, again for a fee, and inter-form quizzes will take place.

Look out for an announcement here and on Twitter in the coming weeks when we are able to announce how much has been raised!